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Why don't they agree 100%? It's all the same Bible, right?

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Would you like that too?") He grinned, and whispered two words: (". "It is no dream, my husband. The day went by and at 6:00 everybody said there goodbyes and the ledbian were finally alone.

" His master pushed the boy's head off him and backed the chair away so Basil could crawl out from beneath the large, oak desk. I sat up and eased him towards me, thinking he would put up a fight but he didn't as I pulled him down to me. A few video game posters decorated one wall, and his TV hung above his dresser.

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  1. Tojora
    Tojora 1 year ago

    Struggle is real.

  2. Mature and black lesbian teen
    Mikora 1 year ago

    Good, some of the layabouts on welfare should get out there and start picking.

  3. Знакомства
    Kinris 1 year ago

    Winning thanks to people like you. Duhhh . Racist. I would think you?d learn but if your all emotion and zero logic, maybe not.

  4. Kigagis
    Kigagis 1 year ago

    But who cares whether people care that they were harmed? That is irrelevant. Harm is the only measure. It is as objective as it is possible to be. It seriously makes no difference at all how people feel about it. If you like harming people you are immoral. Relativism is wrong. People feel all kinds of ways. The harm standard makes it so it doesn't matter how you feel about it. That is why it is the only standard. If harm isn't the standard, then morality itself is meaningless. I like harm as a standard because it removes all of my personal feelings (and yours) from it. Not the other way around.

  5. Tall
    Tall 1 year ago

    You're wrong, actually.

  6. Kezshura
    Kezshura 1 year ago

    There are no words, only electrochemical signals. That also can't be disputed but it doesn't keep us from blabbing away on social media.

  7. Teran
    Teran 1 year ago

    Also, the stopping of prayer in school was initiated by a theist, not an atheist. (Engel v. Vitale, 1962).

  8. Malazil
    Malazil 11 months ago

    Go shoot a gun

  9. Знакомства
    Gukora 11 months ago

    "How dare a Black Conservative think for themselves or a Gay Conservative."

  10. Mature and black lesbian teen
    Akinoran 11 months ago

    It's from Spaceballs...

  11. Mokazahn
    Mokazahn 11 months ago

    I once heard that the USA won because of its ability to build aircraft at a faster rate than they could be shot down.

  12. Shalkree
    Shalkree 11 months ago

    Hello to Gilette here, I?m wiriting from Bavaria in Germany, I?m new

  13. Shashicage
    Shashicage 11 months ago

    With that f^#ckig C^# removed from the political scene I think I'll be okay.

  14. Знакомства
    Yolmaran 11 months ago

    I am about a 1 certain of an intelligent creator. The door to belief is open just the smallest crack! I do not believe it at all, but I am not 100% certain that it doesn't exist.

  15. Sakasa
    Sakasa 10 months ago

    He (and you) is not smart enough to get the "Chemical Valley " Sarnia Ontario genocide reference!

  16. Tetaxe
    Tetaxe 10 months ago

    They do have a P229 Legion SAO but at $1300 You could nearly buy a colt 556 AR for the same price.

  17. Gonris
    Gonris 10 months ago

    Yep... heaven forbid Congress be accountable for doing its job instead of trying to put everything on the shoulders of the POTUS (and that goes for Congresses under Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc.).

  18. Tujar
    Tujar 10 months ago

    1. It possible but not probable unless human control diminishes. Raccoons seem to be doing well in the intelligence gains lately and it is directly related to adaptation in urban areas. So.... sure it can totally happen. We already have apes and dolphins and crows, who each possess high levels of intelligence.

  19. Kazijin
    Kazijin 10 months ago

    "science observes phenomenons in nature"

  20. Malakazahn
    Malakazahn 9 months ago

    I am more cautious of doing that. See many a Christian has said I talk too much about myself. It is Prideful ? You want some adventure stories ? I sure can give them to you. ?? where do you want me to start ? ?? ??

  21. Mature and black lesbian teen
    Shagis 9 months ago

    Corn fed porker in a thong under a moo moo, diet coke in one hand, Cheetos in the other.

  22. Знакомства
    Kagamuro 9 months ago

    No, pagans are those typically referred to as those who don't fall under the Abrahamic faiths.

  23. Mazut
    Mazut 9 months ago

    Agreed, but one can determine certainty, based on whether they think it is likely.

  24. Знакомства
    Mutilar 9 months ago

    The unmentioned and creepy part of Genesis is the wives for the sons of Adam and Eve.

  25. Kiran
    Kiran 8 months ago

    I wrote my potential dumpster fire thread idea down, but forgot to write down my open thread post idea. :(

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Mature and black lesbian teen
Mature and black lesbian teen